VinaKIN - Distributor CMECH high end Hardware
Award-Winning Designs

The premier in high-end luxury door and window hardware is not a title accomplished overnight. It takes commitment and time spent refining our craftsmanship and service to be established as the best in the door and window hardware industry. This has been achieved after delivering 26 years of world-class design and innovation.

Manufacturing Consistency and Reliability

The numbers say it all and signify how CMECH achieves its best in door and window hardware status. We have produced 20 million product sets per year with a 99.8% quality pass rate. This ensures the quality of the product with our manufacturing consistency and reliability.

Over 5,000 Window and Door Partners

Over 5,000 Door and Window Distributor Partnerships CMECH is truly a global enterprise. This is reflected in our worldwide partnerships with 5000+ distributors who share our common goal of providing best-in-class door and window hardware solutions for the smart building materials industry.